Synaptic Intermix
world premiere - commissioned by guterstoff
by Aro Han and Lisa Reutelsterz

Friday, 25th August 7pm - 10pm
Saturday, 26th August 5pm - 11pm

Pain and pleasure, intrinsic to the human experience and to the being-in-the-world, are profoundly subjective phenomena that shape our perception of the world. Rooted in our complex neural architecture, both are unique to each individual and can only be communicated to a limited extent. Yet, we witness the tendency to represent these sensations in a schematic and abstracted style, often likening them to mechanical structures. "Synaptic Intermix" delves into the aesthetic of these images and the metaphorical representations within a three-channel installation in a triptych formation. A seamlessly interconnected montage of animated biological videos and immersive soundscapes juxtaposes the organic and the artificial.