morpheus (processing empathy)
world premiere - commissioned by guterstoff
by Maike Graf, Lottie Sebes and Richard Zapf

Friday, 25th August 2023 - 7pm
Saturday, 26th August 2023 - 5pm & 7pm
5pm & 7pm
Gemeinde Köln, Ebertplatz

"morpheus (processing empathy)" is a performance for an actor and speech clone. A human and a machine are negotiating their mutual understanding. In this process, they strive to align their cognitive imagery while comparing their meanings for concrete, abstract, and emotional subjects. Only the identical visualization appears to signify their successful empathy and understanding. While the human's images are heavily influenced by personal memories, the machine generates images with a universal approach.

The two characters are engaged in a dynamic, empathic process because they depend on each other. In this manner, they attempt to copy, mirror, and steal their cognitive images. What will they discover as they allow these images to morph? Are they able to grasp the opium of understanding that Morpheus, the god of dreams and sleep, embodies?