guter stoff brummt
by Alexis Ludwig

In the workshop "guter stoff brummt!" (good material hums!) by sound artist Alexis Ludwig, people solder and tinker. At a large table, small, simple audio oscillators are built that "hum" at different pitches. From extremely high frequencies to rhythmically booming sounds drifting into slowness are produced. For this, the simplest electrical components such as resistors, capacitors, potentiometers and transistors are soldered together on small circuit boards.

The resulting oscillators serve as a self-experience of being able to create sound generators or sound machines without much prior knowledge. Depending on the number of participants, a short drone piece can be improvised. Musicality or hi-fi quality should not be in the foreground, work is done without perfection - but with ambition. Background noises, hissing and noise are welcome. No special previous knowledge is required. There is certainly nothing wrong with having fun experimenting. Especially in these digital times, where nothing works without Instagram or the like, it is a special concern of the artist to offer the workshop and also the result in analogue form, even if digital media are used in the creation process. This is not to be understood as a devaluation of the digital. It is simply his way of working.

This workshop is a collaboration with ON - Neue Musik Köln.

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Saturday 26. August 2pm - 5pm

ON - Neue Musik Köln, Alte Feuerwache Köln