Salim Javaid is a Czech-Pakistani saxophonist of new music and free improvisation music. As a performer of contemporary music and founder of Trio Abstrakt, he has already launched several works and worked with composers such as Mark Andre, Franck Bedrossian, Pierluigi Billone, Peter Ablinger, James Erber, Michael Edwards and Giorgio Netti.Javaid works in numerous contexts from new chamber music to free jazz band as well as at the intersection of different genres and playing attitudes (composed/improvised music). He is deeply involved in extended playing techniques on the saxophone with a special focus on microtonality and multiphonics. Javaid performed at festivals such as Biennale del Arte 2019 in Venice, Biennale for Contemporary Music 2018 in Bremen, NOW! Festival 2019 at the Philharmonie Essen, IMPULS 2019/2021, "Nieuwe Noten Amsterdam", Serious Series Berlin and won the European Burghauser Jazzpreis, the Getxo International Jazz Award and Biberacher Jazzpreis.