Myrthe Bokelmann is a freelance dance maker and dance performer, currently based in Antwerp, Belgium. She graduated from the Bachelor Dancer/Maker at ArtEZ University of the Arts in 2020 , and is now studying at the Master in Dance at Artesis Conservatory. Here they are researching relations of the physical body to its environment and the other - than - human. Th rough this research M yrthe wants to examine commonly perceived hierarchi es in these relationships and create space for the non - human entities of matter to become more actively contributing actors within performance. Over the last year Myrthe has started collaborat ions with several sound artists such as Rijnhard Bokelmann ( with whom they created a due t) , and the four people with whom she form s the collective not the center . Their collaborative works have been shown in DeSingel Antwerp, and Kavka Oudaan as part of STØND LEEG festival. As a performer Myrthe has worked with LeineRoebana and Eilit Marom a mongst others.