Keikee is a DJ and Electronic Dance Music Producer from Seoul, South Korea, closely connected to the Circle Rotary collective, and a familiar presence on the decks at the clubs of the vibrant underground scene, such as Cakeshop, Contra, Soap, Pistil (Seoul) and Output (Busan).

In 2021, Keikee relocated to Cologne, Germany, and began studying at the Pop Institute of Folkwang University Of Arts. Within just a few months, Keikee had already made her presence known at some of Cologne's most established Electronic Music venues and events, including Gewölbe (alongside Curses), Odonien (alongside Caleesi), Jaki (formerly Studio 672), Acephale and Dublab Radio. Plus, notable festival slots at Zugvögel Udenbreth, Eifel, and Bucht der Träumer Frankfurt (Oder), Brandenburg.

Keikee's deep connection to club music and its people translate into truly immersive DJ sets that connect the audience and DJ to the moment, with an approach to DJing that is as simple as it is beautiful, drawing solely from the true origin and point of club nights: Emotional communication through music, and the intention to create and share a welcoming & embracing atmosphere and  space to share together where "There is no need to talk".

Keikee is reclaiming an often forgotten promise the club scene has always offered, and her demand could hardly be more topical. Keikee's DJ sets are playful and energetic, and thoroughly explore sounds & genres that are new  and exciting for the dancefloor, such as Dark / Cosmic Disco, Synth Neo-House and Indie-Dance. Her selections are dedicated to the underground.