Eun Sun Cho is a South Korean artist based in Berlin. Studied Architecture at the University of Seoul, South Korea, Photography at Neue Schule für Fotografie Berlin and Mathematics at Technische Universität Berlin, she works in the fields of photography, drawings, installation and sculpture. Her projects revolve around the elements of photographic mediums dealing with physical and technical problems such as measurements, algorithms, analogue/digital difference and representation of language of formality accompanied by the processuality of the image. In conjunction with the themes, she investigates the intersection of biology, chemiphysical phenomena and mathematical problems with photographic reality. It aims to make the subliminal intercommunication between the distinctive languages visible. So it seeks an unforeseen convergence point evoking the sense of relatability to the concealed phenomenon of our technologic society. Keen also on the reconstructed historicity of disparate spaces through photography, it explores how human being interacts with the environment in which the interdependency with each other is presented with the choreographed body infused with the characteristics of accorded movement in contradistinctive circumstances.