2023 tba | Cologne


Festival for experimental music and performance

guterstoff creates space for new forms of art: we want to connect artists from different artistic backgrounds, link scenes, and inspire new meetings and cooperations. We offer a platform for developing and strengthening transmedia formats.

2022: Tristan Braun | Nikolas Brummer | Salim Javaid| Eun Sun Cho | Cèlia Tort Pujol | Evarts Svilpe | Benjamin Grau | Myrthe Bokelmann | Friedemann Dupelius | Irina Rubina | Sanaz Starcic | Odelia Toder | Irene Sorozabal | Anna van Eck | Farzané | Áron Birtalan | Nathalie Brum

2021: Giorgia Piffaretti | Thea Soti | Soheil Shayesteh| Ferdinger | Isaac Espinoza Hidrobo | Keerthi Basavarajaiah | Tim Pauli | Laura Hovestadt | Jana Tuchewicz | Joanna Stange| Lola Rubio |
We are a collective of artists, musicians, composers and journalists. At guterstoff we want to offer a platform for unexplored artistic ideas. We believe in the diversity of arts and cultures. Our focus is on interdisciplinary work and maximum artistic freedom. guterstoff is not just a festival - it is also an experimental laboratory, network and catalyst.