A Bestiary of Sounds
world premiere, commissioned by guterstoff
by Áron Birtalan and Friedemann Dupelius

In this playful workshop, we explore sounds as living creatures. Musical or atonal, controlled or chaotic - we believe sounds always have a body that is more than its source and reverb, and an intelligence that always knows something its creators and listeners do not. This puts sounds at an interesting position: their lives are dependent on relationships and events, and at the same time, they are also sentient entities that affect the very same relationships they are born from.

Throughout the day we will engage in simple exercises in attention, imagination and sounding to create a set of sonic creatures (creatures that exist ‘only’ as sounds) that can be heard, touched and spoken to. We will discover how it is to develop intimate relationships with sounds and reflect on the questions that come up along the way. Can a sound be owned?

Can a sound own us? Can a sound tell us things we don’t know? Can we tell secrets to a sound? Can we keep sounds in our home? In our pocket? In the sky? Between our fingers?

This workshop is suitable for everyone interested in exploring sounds, touch, language, relationships and world-building and in a playful and accessible environment, together with a group. Our exercises are made so participants can adjust them to their needs. You will not be asked to perform, but be prepared to challenge sensation and perception!

Please register with reservierungen@guterstoff.art

GOLD + BETON, Ebertplatz