Benjamin Grau, born in Hamburg and living in Cologne, is a musician and composer. He completed his concert exam in electronic composition with Prof. Michael Beil at the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln in October 2020.
In his own music, he draws inspiration from his earlier musical socialization, which took place primarily in the realm of popular music. In his creative process, he isolates specific sounds, structures and processes that evoke a strong, visceral reaction in him and explores them, extends them, pushes them to extremes that bear little resemblance to their original context. He reassembles the extracted elements in a way that captures and elaborates on his original emotional and physical reaction, making it tangible. In doing so, he develops his own language, which leaves behind the idioms of popular music and contemporary composition.
He has worked with countertenor Kai Wessel, Ensemble Garage, Electronic ID and Musikfabrik. His music has been performed in Germany, other European countries and Asia at the Ruhrtriennale, ACHT BRÜCKEN, Tampere Biennale (Finland), Daegu International Dance Festival (South Korea) and at the Herrenhausen Art Festival, among others.