Áron Birtalan is an artist, musician and experience-maker who makes real-life games, contemporary mystical practices, unusual gatherings and educational initiatives. Working together with players and their embodied imagination as an artistic medium, Áron facilitates and guides social experiences where people play together, explore possible ways of being, and form intimate bonds with the unknown. Through his work, Áron encourages people to tap into creative territory where the playful, the magickal, the intimate and the funny mingle. His work advocates for the politics of playing and mysticism as forms of radically new thinking, action and joy in times of crises. 
Áron is currently a research fellow at the DAS Graduate School in Amsterdam, and a PhD candidate in performance practice and choreography at Stockholm University of the Arts, working on the long-term project titled 'Your Bones Hold the Shape of What’s to Come'. Next to his artistic activities, Áron works, speaks and writes about play, participation and consent for NGOs, art and educational institutes and activist communities. He also makes music, collects dog jokes, and co-runs a three-week children's fantasy camp in rural Hungary.