Alexis Ludwig was born in 1978 in Leipzig/GDR and works as a freelance musician, author, DJ, tinkerer and performance artist in Cologne. Following the DIY-idea, he teaches himself over the years to make music away from universities, technical schools and music schools. Performances with various punk and noise bands in the uncommercial, self-organized space followed. Behind the art figure Graneg Sandpapier, which has been continuously developed since 2018, he releases several recordings and videos, is live on stage as well as in public space on the road.

Currently, the most important aspects in his artistic work are the development of simple synthesizers, samplers and effect devices, from which musical works emerge in which he deals with the concepts of time and zone, among others. Furthermore he develops and produces radio plays, runs the small label "EREMITENTEAM" and is one half of the intergenerational project "Gitarrenflächenbrand & Gespensterbass".